Water treatment and environmental protection

These days, a healthy environment and responsible use of natural resources are essential for stable long-term economic growth and the development of society. That applies to local authorities, countries and companies. As a chemical company, we are committed to the principles of Responsible Care and aware of our responsibility for future generations. Our products and technologies help to improve the quality of life and protect the environment.

A water treatment facility

Wastewater management

Treating wastewater is an attractive business area that is becoming increasingly important. Activated carbon is an established technology for removing impurities from water. Often it is the best available technology. 

The MICROFADE™ water management system developed by Kuraray is used to treat ballast water in ships with high-precision filters and active substances to protect marine ecosystems. MICROFADE™ can be installed on all types of ships and features low power consumption and excellent performance stability in various ocean environments.

KURAGEL™ PVOH hydrogel is a biocarrier with higher retention of bacteria than conventional carriers. It facilitates more efficient wastewater treatment with a compact system. Kuraray offers solutions for wastewater treatment that make use of these benefits. One example is the ZECRUS™ excess sludge reduction system, which significantly reduces the generation of excess sludge by balancing the proliferation and elimination of bacteria. 

Kuraray's hollow fiber water treatment membranes are used by industry and in the water supply and medical sectors. These products ensure precise and efficient filtration in a wide variety of environments, including the production of ultra-pure water, drinking water and sterile water, and the recovery of process water and effluent.

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