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The demands made on products for the paints and coatings industry are constantly rising. Today, the focus is naturally on products that do not harm people or the environment. Wherever possible, water-borne colorants should be used. At the same time, our customers expect high standards - for example, products are expected to adhere to a variety of primers, be simple to apply and offer additional functions such as corrosion protection as well producing special surface effects. Kuraray has been a competent partner for the paints and coatings industry for decades.


PVB-based binders

Coatings based on Mowital® PVB resins have very good adhesion to steel, iron, zinc, aluminum and other light metals.If they are combined with phenolic resins, epoxy resins and phosphoric acid, adhesion and corrosion protectioncan be increased even further. Mowital® is therefore the ideal basis for all types of coatingsand is used in almost every sector: in automotive repair coatings through can coatings to radiator lacquers and from packaging, films and electrical insulation to wood sealing varnishes, insulating finishes and plastic coatings as well as an additive for powder coatings, roller coatings and zinc rich primers. Our new PVB binder Mowital® BA 55 HH has specific rheological properties that give paints and coatings very uniform flow properties. As a result, thinner coatings can be applied and processes are speeded up, which increases production capacity.

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Special solutions for printing

Sometimes solvent-based or water-based printing inks have to be particularly robust, for example, if they are applied to labels for bottles or sterile packaging for medical products. Certain crosslinkers enhance the resistance of films. Our polyols are used for such applications. The branched structure of the 3-methyl-1,5 pentanediol (MPD) they are based on gives Kuraray’s polyester polyols low viscosity, making them extremely suitable as components for polymer resins for flexo and rotogravure printing. And our MMB solvent for inks has excellent properties: it is clear and colorless with a mild odor and is completely soluble in water. Thanks to its high flash point, it is not classified as a flammable chemical under the current EU Regulation. In addition, it has good biodegradability and low toxicity.

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