GENESTAR™ – the robust polyamide for applications where things get hot

Extremely robust materials are needed for applications that require high chemical, mechanical and heat resistance. Examples are gears, cooling systems, and fuel lines in the automotive industry and high-performance electrical and electronic components. GENESTAR™, the heat-resistant polyamide from Kuraray, is a high-performance material for demanding applications in the automotive, electrical and electronics industries.

Lightweight automotive components for tough conditions

GENESTAR™ is a long-chain polyphthalamide (PPA) developed specifically for injection molding and extrusion processes. Its unique mechanical properties allow the production of reliable components for the automotive industry and play a key part in reducing the weight of vehicles. Thanks to its excellent heat resistance, applications for GENESTAR™ include gears and thermostat housings. The chemical resistance of this polyamide also makes it ideal for use in tough conditions, for example in fuel lines and cooling systems.

Reliable components for demanding electronics

In the electrical and electronics industry, GENESTAR™ is used for high-performance components such as SMT (surface mount) connectors. Low water absorption and excellent dimensional stability ensure maximum reliability — especially in automotive electronics. Other applications for this polyamide are reflectors for LED lights.

GENESTAR™ is the material of choice for automotive and electronics applications where maximum reliability and low weight are paramount.



  • enables you to reduce the weight and cost of demanding applications
  • helps you to create reliable solutions for the electrification of passenger cars
  • supports you in designing of parts for harsh environments

  • Injection molding applications in the automotive sector (e.g. cooling systems, gears) and other industries
  • SMT connectors (surface mount technology), electrical and electronics components
  • Extrusion processes in the automotive industry (e.g. fuel lines)
  • Reflectors for LED lights

  • Low water absorption
  • High heat resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Dimensional accuracy/dimensional stability
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