Clacarbo™ - preventing static electricity at work

A build-up of electro static charges is one of the main causes of accidents in many industries. Kuraray has developed Clacarbo™, an electrically-conductive polymeric fibre containing carbon, which has reliable anti-static properties even in low humidity where more static charge is generated. Clacarbo™ conforms to the Japanese Ministry of Labor's static electricity safety guideline RIIS-TR-78-1.

  • Reliable anti-static performance
  • Excellent durability even after repeated washing
  • Resistance to both bending and stretching
  • Various electrical resistance
  • Heat resistant

  • Uniforms
  • Home, offices and hotels (carpets, blankets)
  • Industrial (copier brushes, filtration, plastic conveyer belts)
  • Workwear
  • Clean room garments
  • Military garments
  • Safety and protective gear
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