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Product stewardship 

Products also go through a lifecycle: this starts with the design phase, followed by production, delivery and then use. The circularity ends with disposal. The product must be handled responsibly at each phase of the cycle. At Kuraray, we take this responsibility very seriously. Our aim is to minimize potential risks to people and the environment in ecological, health and social terms. In other words, we take corporate responsibility for the products we manufacture and sell.

A holistic management approach is required to accomplish this task. It involves recording and evaluating crucial information throughout the entire lifecycle of our products. Against a backdrop of increasingly strict regulations, which vary from country to country, this is a challenge that we are happy to take on because we firmly believe in the necessity and significance of sustainable management.

All products, including their chemical components and supply chains, undergo a comprehensive risk assessment and quality assurance process. This ensures that regulatory and industrial requirements are met and that the chemicals and substances in our products are safe to handle. As part of our product stewardship, we also provide transparent information and maintain close contact with authorities and partners.

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