Discover the automotive world of Kuraray

The automotive industry does not stand still. Improvements in vehicle safety, optimization of design, greater comfort and reductions in vehicle weight to enhance fuel efficiency are just some of the demands made by customers, politicians and NGOs. Kuraray's wide range of high-performance materials and expert services help automotive companies meet these challenges. Our aim is to find the best solutions for your specific needs. 

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"Discover the automotive world of Kuraray"

Under the hood

A small child asleep in a child car seat.



The right sound: acoustic parts

High-density nonwoven fabrics from Kuraray ensure high sound absorption coupled with significant weight reduction. 

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A view of cabling in a car.


Tightly sealed: cables, hoses, grommets and gaskets

SEPTON™ has excellent heat stability and chemical resistance, so it ideal for all parts where safety and a long service life are important - from fuel hoses to grommets and electrical cables to suction hoses.

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Car interior

The front seat in a car – viewed from the side.

Attractive, comfortable and durable: seats and interior parts

Kuraray's hook & loop fasteners for the assembly of interior parts increase design flexibility, increase productivity and reduce weight. Our polyols make automotive seats more attractive: A polyol coating increases their softness and durability.

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The roof liner in a car. The car seats are also visible.

Looking upward: roof liners

Want to increase productivity in the assembly of roof liners? Heat-resistant, moldable nonwovens from Kuraray are the answer. Used as separators in the molding of roof liners, they prevent sticking and therefore speed up assembly work.

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Car exterior

A new or freshly polished car. The bright blue paintwork is gleaming.

Perfect sight: automotive glazing

Trosifol® glazing solutions increase comfort, safety and durability, reduce vehicle weight and raise fuel efficiency. This member of the Kuraray Group is the leading producer of PVB and ionplast interlayers (SentryGlas®) for laminated safety glass and the ideal partner for all glazing requirements, especially windshields, side windows and sunroofs. For example, Trosifol® The Wedge™ interlayers ensure particularly high-quality head-up displays. And that increases safety because drivers can keep their eyes on the road yet view critical vehicle data. The sound-insulating properties of Trosifol® Acoustic and SentryGlas® Acoustic™ cut out many of the frequencies and ambient noise that occur in moving vehicles.

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A person in protective clothing applying paint to a car. Only the person’s hand and arm are shown.

Looking good: eliminating defects and damage to paintwork

Mowital® polyvinyl butyral resins provide excellent UV protection for stoving finishes, primers and anti-corrosion coatings. They also ensure reliable adhesion, making them them the ideal basis for automotive repair coatings.

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Cars covered in protective film being transported on a railroad wagon.



Safe transportation

Protective films made of SEPTON™ and HYBRAR™ ensure safe transportation and residue-free removal.

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A car covered with shampoo.

Car shampoos and air fresheners

MMB (3-methoxy-3-methyl-1-butanol) is a specialty solvent suitable for a wide range of applications. MMB is used in air fresheners, car shampoos, and cleaners for car exteriors and interiors. It has many different features: it helps stabilize formulations, has very good stability at extremely high and low pHs and allows the incorporation of various amounts of custom-tailored surfactants. Moreover, it is soluble in water and oil. MMB is environmentally friendly: it has a good toxicological profile and is readily biodegradable
(OECD 301 F). Its high flash point optimizes safety and it has a comparatively mild odor.
MMB is the ingredient of choice to help you achieve an unmatched performance with innovative car-care products.

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