1,7-octadiene – From standard to high-performance polyolefins

Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) rank among the world’s most popular polyolefins for plastics. They are essential for many applications from packaging materials to medical technologies. Kuraray’s octadiene (ODE) is a valued material to improve the effectiveness of polyolefins.

Optimized crosslinking to improve plastics

1,7-octadiene is an unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon liquid with two double bonds. Thanks to these bonds, ODE can be used as a polymer crosslinker and will improve the performance, of the end-plastics, especially their mechanical strength and chemical resistance. 

A high-quality component for durable materials

ODE can be used as a crosslinker or an intermediate for fine chemicals. Many options are possible, thanks to its high reactivity. ODE enhances the durability, stability and quality of the end-product.

Improve the quality of your polyolefins and the durability of your plastics with Kuraray’s octadiene.


  • Improves the properties of end products: durability, mechanical strength, stability
  • Improves melt processability

  • Intermediate for fine chemicals
  • Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) crosslinker
  • Polyolefin modifier
  • Silicon modifier

  • C8 linear chain
  • Two double bonds
  • High hydrophobicity
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