K 2022 - Together for a better future

K 2022 - Together for a better future 

October 2022 - This year's K-Exhibition has come to an end, leaving us full of gratitude and zest for action. For over a week, we were able to be part of the event with seven business units and, together with over 3,000 other exhibitors, show our passion and expertise. True to the title of our campaign "We can't create the future alone", we were looking for partners and customers who want to develop ideas together with us and create a sustainable, innovative, and secure future. 

Recyclable paper packaging with Kuraray's renewable and water-soluble PLANTIC™ barrier film was also on display in the showroom. This is a solution that is particularly used for dry products such as coffee or pet food and is already commercially available. The PLANTIC™ film, laminated or extruded onto the inside of the paper packaging, forms a barrier against exterior-or unwanted flavors and oxygen, while an inner sealing layer - e.g. made of polyethylene (PE), (bio) polybutylene succinate (bio-PBS) or polybutylene adipate terephthalate (PBAT) - also acts as a moisture barrier.

Live expert presentations on our solutions for current customer challenges that we offered during the trade show are also available as recordings in our showroom and will be accessible for at least another year. The highlight was the first international presentation of our "Innovation Networking Center" (INC) - a virtual and also global organization. The INC represents a new way of driving innovation - creating a platform that puts customers' needs at the center. At the same time, it brings together Kuraray's global network: Experts and technologies that develop sustainable solutions for tomorrow.

For example, we are constantly expanding and improving our portfolio of materials in the Life and Personal Care business. Our Kuraray POVAL™ LV grades were developed specifically for the cosmetics industry and are used in face masks, sun creams, shampoos, and mascara. Of course, the substances are safe to use and also particularly environmentally friendly.  We also want to continue to expand the performance of sports and outdoor products and raise them to the next level of quality. Therefore, we are pooling our technical know-how and creative thinking to continually surpass consumers' desire for high-quality, durable leisure equipment in terms of quality and style.  

This was also the aim of the constructive and inspiring discussions on site. Trends and current requirements were highlighted, such as the reduction of CO2 emissions, repulpability or biodegradability of packaging, customer needs, and ideas for remedies were discussed. "Our product portfolio and exciting prototypes were available for visitors at our booth - for example, curious visitors could experience our ideas for high-barrier packaging solutions," recalls Joris Bohets, our Market Development Manager at Kuraray Europe and responsible for our Kuraray Poval business unit. 

K 2022 offered the great solutions that already exist and the areas where there is still a lot of untapped potentials. Nevertheless, the global shortage of raw materials and the associated price increases remain challenges that we must overcome together. That is why the issue of sustainability is also one of our key innovation drivers in all segments. We are constantly optimizing our barrier materials for Paper and Plastic Packaging products to enable our customers to continue to develop sustainable and reliable packaging. "We are also striving for new forward-looking developments of our materials in the automotive sector, especially in the transition to e-mobility," says Amir Bahrami, Market Development Manager at Kuraray and responsible for our Genestar business unit.

The numerous contacts we were able to make at this year's trade show reinforce our vision: Together with customers and partners, we are taking the path to a sustainable future.

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