Optimizing meeting culture ‒ or: when the buzzer hums!

You all know this: one meeting follows another, there are no agendas, or if there are, they are largely being ignored. Chatterboxes go on forever, and results - if any - are not being written down, making learning almost impossible. Rumour has it that two thirds of employees experience the daily routine of company meetings as frustrating, at least occasionally, with devastating consequences. In this way, meetings become a real cost factor and, on top of that, the number one motivation killer.

At Kuraray we have also made such experiences from time to time - but now it is high time to end this. As part of a project to increase the efficiency of our work processes, we clearly identified bad meetings as one of the big time-eaters. On average, we spend 15-20% of our working time in meetings. Not only the high number of meetings was criticized by many colleagues, but also inefficiencies in preparation, execution and follow-up.