Trainee program in Japan: Seven weeks in Tokyo

To immerse oneself more deeply into Japanese culture and everyday working life at Group headquarters (or at the research center), to network with colleagues on site and possibly prepare for new tasks - these are the objectives of the global trainee program, which lasts about two months and which three of our employees can complete each year in Japan. 

Have a look at what Susan Kolac-Lang, Human Resources at Kuraray Europe GmbH, experienced during her seven-week trainee program in Tokyo. 

 "Very long working days, a foreign language, unfamiliar food, different customs, separation from the loved ones at home - these are the (supposed) challenges that my family and friends "warned" me about when they heard about my chance to take part in a trainee program lasting several weeks. 

But far from it: As a trainee I had working hours roughly the same as in Germany and didn't miss anything, but enjoyed the many new impressions and experiences at work and in my free time very much and learned a lot. After all, I have had a soft spot for Japan for a long time, and a working stay there was my long-cherished wish.

On the weekends I took time for discovering the surroundings. With mostly bright autumn weather, I was able to be outside a lot and thus deepen my interest and joy in Japanese culture. After seven weeks, I returned to Frankfurt full of new ideas - and very grateful for this opportunity at a point in my career at which some people think of retirement rather than the opportunity for further development.

With the new skills and knowledge of the current conditions under which the company operates in its country of origin, I am confident that I will be able to make a successful contribution to solving global HR challenges in the future. I am very much looking forward to this!