Connecting the dentist's chair and lecture hall with industry: Adham Elsayed new dental expert at Kuraray Europe

What does a dentist with a doctorate actually do at Kuraray Europe GmbH, a company mainly known for chemical raw materials for the plastics industry in Germany?

What many people do not know: Kuraray has also been a leader in the dental products segment for 40 years. High-quality plastic and ceramic applications in prosthetics are just as much a part of the broad portfolio as bonding materials, caries prevention or prophylaxis for sensitive teeth.

And this is exactly the Dr. med.dent. Adham Elsayed’s area of expertise: after studying dentistry in Cairo, several years of practical experience and a doctorate at the University of Kiel, he is now responsible for cooperation with the dental faculties and research laboratories in his role of scientific marketing manager at Kuraray Europe in the German-speaking region. He is the contact person for dental research topics and clinical cases. In addition, he not only trains his colleagues in sales, but also dentists and dental technicians and publishes in the academic press regularly.

Thanks to his many years of experience in the treatment of patients, as a lecturer at the chair and as a doctoral candidate at Kiel University Hospital, he has a thorough understanding of the requirements of this industry. "We share very similar experiences with regard to the use of dental products in the laboratory and on patients," says Elsayed. What attracted him to Kuraray was the extraordinarily high quality of the dental products, the use of which he got to know in practice from his doctoral supervisor and tested himself for many years. "I would like to convince the key opinion leaders in the dental industry of these great product features, their enormous reliability, and thus contribute to greater awareness in the dental market," he outlines his goals. "The products - and the patients! - have deserved it".

It was not a matter of course for Elsayed to leave the clinic. "I found it interesting to move from the treatment chair and lecture hall to industry, but had not actively pursued it until then," he says. At first, he was not aware of the wide range of Kuraray products outside dentistry. 

But this is precisely what makes his new job so attractive to him, because he can now network with colleagues from other promising Kuraray product divisions beyond his specialist area. "At the moment - as all over the world - there is a lot to do with digitization.  3D printing, for example, is a highly relevant topic, not only in the field of dental prosthetics; after all, we at Kuraray also manufacture filaments for this technology. 

When asked about his expectations for the dental industry, the scientific marketing manager expects, for example, an increase in the demand for prosthetic solutions as well as further academization of the dental professions. He is looking forward to continuing to contribute to the scientific work and give new impetus.