Hidden Talents: Fabio Grasso draws our safety tips

Safety has top priority at Kuraray. „Safety is the cornerstone of everything we do“ is one of our guiding principles. Our internal magazine therefore always includes a safety tip − designed by one of our employees!

The safety tips have a light-hearted look, the illustrations always feature our alpaca mascot Kuraray-chan. They are produced by Fabrio Grasso, who has been worked on the green shift in the Mowital plant since the start of 2015. 

A trained chemical production technician, he has loved drawing since he was a small child. He stopped briefly during his training, but was bitten by drawing bug again afterwards. “I always have paper and a pencil in my backpack and I make sketches when I’m out and about.

These days, I usually rework them digitally.” Digital drawing is not exactly a cheap hobby, but Fabrio Grasso recently became the proud owner of a graphics tablet with a separate screen. 

He now creates complete comics which he uploads to special internet platforms. Incidentally, his skill is self-taught and he has developed his own special style.