Gurshranjit Singh Appointed Technical Product Manager of Mowital® Polyvinyl butyrals at Kuraray Europe

Recently, Business Unit PVB Technical Resin of Kuraray Europe has appointed Gurshranjit Singh as Technical Product Manager of its Mowital® brand.

Under the brand name Mowital®, Kuraray produces polyvinyl butyral resins whose properties are characterised by the presence of butyral units, hydroxyl, and acetyl groups. Applied to coatings, these resins can guarantee a better adhesion and corrosion protection, excellent pigment dispersion and film formation, while ensuring non-toxicity and low-odour properties.

Born and raised in Germany, Gurshranjit Singh graduated as Chemical Engineer, presenting a thesis in which he studied the characteristics of polymer PE and developed a software tool to statistically measure them as a function of temperature. “The various properties, the diverse application of polymers or the technical potential of what is behind them still fascinate me today”, states Singh.

Gurshranjit Singh started his career at Kuraray Europe as a student trainee at Kuraray POVAL, which is the raw material for the Mowital® resins. Afterwards, he joined Mowital and started working in the quality control department. The experiences and know-how gained while working along nearly the entire value chain allowed him to quickly hold the position of Technical Product Manager.

The primary responsibility of a product manager is to ensure that the product is successful. Therefore, the product manager frequently accompanies the entire life cycle of the product, from its conception, to optimization up to its possible withdrawal from the market. Moreover, the technical product manager also has to hold the technical knowledge, for example on how the product performs under specific conditions. This position also represents the main hub of information between the customer and the different business units within the company.

“As a young, graduated chemical engineer fresh from university, I have my finger on the pulse of time and know the future of the chemical industry. I am watching where the industry is going and how today's issues have changed significantly over the last decades. The purpose of my position is to keep abreast of the times, identifying the latest trends, innovations and ensure a better planet”, states Gurshranjit Singh.

First published in ipcm_International Paint&Coting Magazine Vol. XI