Role Change: From Head of PVB Technical to Model

Some colleagues can do just about everything! Jörg Bruss, globally responsible for Kuraray's PVB Technics business, ran past some of our dental colleagues looking for the face of their new Panavia™ V5 campaign, which he was recruited for on the spot!

"I didn’t have much experience with photo sessions," says Jörg. "But the photographer team was cool, so my initial nervousness quickly evaporated - everything was lots of fun. And my appearance must have been really very authentic – when I wanted to move my car in the meantime, the parking lot owner sent me back upstairs to my “emergencies” in the practice.

In order to make the campaign motifs as real as possible, the photoshoot was done at an actual dental practice. "One of the treatment rooms was empty since it was vacation season and totally free for the shoot, which was done during normal business hours, with holes being drilled and cavity filled," reported Minka Mordas, who is jointly responsible for the new campaign.

Not only the internal feedback from thrilled colleagues validated the spur-of-the-moment choice – feedback from many dentists and visitors has also been positive. Jörg Bruss beams with a confidence that suits the Panavia ™ V5 campaign perfectly!

Panavia™ V5 Universal Cement facilitates dentistry decisively. The product is suitable for any type of restoration – from metal to ceramics to composites –  so dentists no longer have to decide which cement to use for which dental treatment.