Kuraray to exhibit numerous product lines at American Coatings Show


HOUSTON – Kuraray America, Inc. (Kuraray) will showcase several products within its chemical, polymer and elastomer technology businesses at the 6th annual American Coatings Show (ACS) in Indianapolis, Ind., April 10-12.

At ACS, Kuraray will highlight several of its product lines, including:

  • Polyvinyl alcohol – As the first entity in the world to bring polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) synthetic fiber to market, Kuraray has numerous PVOH-based resins it will highlight at the ACS show. Some of the most prominent include KURARAY POVAL™ and ELVANOL™, known for their excellent film formation, emulsifying power, and adhesion to substrates. With a wide range of hydrolysis levels, stable quality, low ash and VOC content, they are used throughout a variety of industries. One specific resin on display will be ELVANOL LPE703, a new grade of water-soluble PVOH. Kuraray will also educate attendees on other polymers including:
    • EXCEVAL™, the company’s brand name for special water-soluble, ethylene vinyl-alcohol (EVOH) copolymers. This fine-grained, free-flowing white powder is transparent, strongly adheres to metal and is resistant to organic chemicals. It is used frequently in barrier coatings of film, paper, and other substrates from an aqueous solution.

To learn more about Kuraray’s product portfolio and see custom samples up close, visit Booth 2355 during the show.