PLANTIC—a bio-based barrier material


Biodegradable Coffee Bean Packaging Made with PLANTIC Receives the Grand Prize from South Korea’s Green Packaging Awards

Biodegradable coffee bean packaging produced by SOFTPACK Co., Ltd. using PLANTIC, a product manufactured and sold by Plantic Technologies Limited (headquarters: Australia; President: Kenzo Okamoto), received the Grand Prize from South Korea’s 8th Green Packaging Awards, which are sponsored by that country’s Ministry of Environment and the Korea Environment Packaging Promotion Institute. A key feature in the package is the biodegradable barrier layer made by PLANTIC Technologies a Kuraray company based in Australia.

Overview of the Product and Reasons for the Award

  • PLANTIC is a high barrier, bio-based material made from starch. PLANTIC with its high oxygen impermeability, is used in packaging for fresh foods, including meat, poultry and fish. The high barrier performance of the PLANTIC material helps reduce food loss by maintaining food freshness, supporting both the food industry and environmental conservation.
  • Developed by SOFTPACK Co., Ltd. the biodegradable package is fast becoming a global solution for customers who are looking for a sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging solution. The high gas impermeability of the packaging ensures that the quality and flavor of coffee beans is preserved. PLANTIC is bio-based and biodegradable and can be disposed of with minimal environmental impact. Created with materials that also are biodegradable the total package is replacing other conventional packaging types that contain aluminum foil or similar materials.

Green Packaging Awards

  • The Green Packaging Awards accept public submissions and are sponsored jointly by the South Korean Ministry of Environment and the Korea Environment Packaging Promotion Institute.
  • Founded in 2011, the awards were initiated with the goal of highlighting eco-friendly packaging technologies and designs as well as to boost interest in preserving nature and saving resources.
  • Public submissions are separated into two categories: a general division for companies of all sizes and a student division for university students. With the recent rise in environmental awareness, this event has been garnering a lot of national attention.


Overview of Plantic Technologies Limited

Name: Plantic Technologies Limited
Headquarters: Victoria, Australia
Representative: Kenzo Okamoto
Established: July 2001 (Acquired in April 2015)
Capital: 131 million AUD (100% owned by Kuraray)
Principal businesses: Manufacture and sale of PLANTIC bio-based barrier films