Top for apprenticeships: Kuraray ranked one of the Germany’s best companies for vocational training


Kuraray Europe scored 85.4 out of a maximum 100 points in the Focus ranking in Germany. That makes it one the country's top companies for vocational training.

Kuraray’s apprentices are integrated into the company from the beginning. Along with other members of staff, they take part in voluntary community projects such the Malteser Social Day and sports activities like the JP Morgan corporate challenge in Frankfurt and the Bonn corporate race.

Hattersheim: May 9, 2018 Instructors and apprentices at Kuraray Europe have reason to be pleased: this speciality chemicals company based in Hattersheim (near Frankfurt) and Troisdorf in North-Rhine Westphalia has been ranked by the "Focus” news magazine as one of Germany’s best companies for vocational training. In addition to the high percentage of apprentices hired at the end of their training, the ranking highlights the strong support they receive within the company. Apprentices are integrated from Day One and actively supported by buddies.

Susan Kolac-Lang, head of vocational training at Kuraray Europe, is delighted by the top ranking achieved by this speciality chemicals company: “85.4 out of a maximum of 100 points positions us among the German leaders in vocational training.” The Focus ranking evaluates the 20,000 biggest employees in Germany and covers 90 sectors including the chemical industry. Aspects examined include successful completion of training, remuneration of apprentices and other activities. 

Chemical production operatives for Frankfurt, process mechanics for Troisdorf
“We are always looking for commercial administrators, industrial mechanics, chemical laboratory technicians and plant electronics technicians,” say Susan Kolac-Lang. In addition, there is constant demand for chemical production operatives at the Frankfurt site, which produces the starting products for the facilities in Troisdorf. In Troisdorf, by contrast, vocational training is geared mainly to process mechanics.

“Many of our apprentices are so highly motivated that they successfully complete their training faster than prescribed,” explains Susan Kolac-Lang. More than half of Kuraray’s apprentices take this fast-track option. If they have any questions, concerns or suggestions, Kuraray’s apprentices can turn to volunteer buddies. Every shift has two or three of these volunteers. “Anyone can become a buddy for apprentices. Many are young employees who completed their apprenticeship in the past couple of years,” reports Susan Kolac-Lang. They are proud to help the next generation of apprentices learn the ropes.

Successful recruiting thanks to internships and lab days for school students
“Our apprentices come from the Frankfurt and Troisdorf areas. Therefore, we have partnerships with various local schools and also reserve some internships for them,” explains Susan Kolac-Lang. Kuraray offers school students an insight into one of the world's leading chemical companies. In addition, it regularly organises lab days for students from one school in Frankfurt. “That gives them a chance to work in a real lab for one-and-a-half days and to replicate Kuraray's production processes,” says Susan Kolac-Lang. In addition, recruiting staff attend careers fairs such as the Provadis Open Day in Frankfurt and “Talents in Dialogue” in Troisdorf.

Preparing young people for vocational training 
For young people in Germany who have not achieved the grades required to start an apprenticeship, Kuraray has a special programme. Susan Kolac-Lang explains: “In collaboration with our training partner Provadis, we take part in the Start Plus programme.” A nine-month internship prepares the young people to train to be chemical production technicians. This programme includes weekly attendance at a technical school and social and educational counselling. Susan Kolac-Lang sums up: “The Start Plus pre-apprenticeship programme have been very successful and most of the interns subsequently do an apprenticeship with us.”

About Kuraray
Established in 1991, Kuraray Europe GmbH is based in Hattersheim, near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In 2016 the company generated annual sales of over EUR 600 million. It has 760 employees in Germany at its sites in Hattersheim, Frankfurt and Troisdorf. Kuraray is a global speciality chemicals company and one of the largest suppliers of industrial polymers and synthetic microfibres for many sectors of industry. Examples are KURARAY POVAL™, Mowital®, Trosifol® and CLEARFIL™. Kuraray Europe also has about 100 employees at six other European sites. They are also working on the development and application of innovative high-performance materials for a wide range of sectors, including the automotive, paper, glass and packaging industries, as well as for architects and dentists.

Kuraray Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly listed Kuraray Co., Ltd., which is based in Tokyo, Japan, and has more than 9,000 employees worldwide and sales of over EUR 4 billion.
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