Activated carbon from Kuraray –
protecting people and the environment

Activated carbon from Kuraray has been used in many areas of daily life since 1965. Today it makes an important contribution to active protection of people and the environment. Through the acquisition of Calgon Carbon in 2018, Kuraray becomes a leading global producer of activated carbon.

Besides coal, wood and coconut based activated carbon products, Kuraray now also offers activated carbon and ultraviolet (UV) light purification and disinfection equipment systems and service capabilities, as well as diatomaceous earth and perlites, purification solutions for more than 700 distinct applications, including drinking water, wastewater, pollution abatement.

What is activated carbon:

Activated carbon (AC) is a porous carbon with a large internal surface, which is used as an adsorbent for the filtration of liquids and gases. Activated carbon consists predominantly of carbon with a highly porous structure. The pores are interconnected like a sponge. The inner surface is between 300 and 2000 m2 / g AC. Wood, peat, nut shells, brown coal, hard coal or various plastics serve as starting materials.

  • Domestic water and air filters 
  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Purification in manufacturing processes
  • Metals recovery
  • Emission control canisters for cars
  • Capacitors
  • Carbon molecular sieves for pressure swing technology
  • Personal Protection Equipment

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