Stephanie W.
Shift leader, POVAL plant

Vocational training: Chemical production technician / industrial supervisor

As shift leader, Stefanie leads a team of shift workers and is responsible for controlling, monitoring and maintenance of production and distillation facilities. She is also responsible for quality assurance and safe operation of the plant. 



»I enjoy my work. Partly because working in a highly complex plant like this means I face new challenges every day and partly because I value the good working relationship with my colleagues. What’s more, at Kuraray employees are people not just numbers. The company has a very strong sense of social responsibility and takes employees’ needs into account.«

This is what a typical daytime shift looks like for me:

5.45 a.m.
Shift handover
I get an overview of the plant (the quality being produced, any problems overnight and what has been done to deal with them) and check whether all members of my shift team are present.

6 a.m.
Samples are removed to check product quality and taken to the analytical laboratory. The results are available about 1 ½ hours later and any adjustments can then be made.

6.45 a.m.
Routine production meeting
At this meeting we discuss the grades to be produced during the day and what cleaning and maintenance tasks are scheduled.

8.45 a.m.
Routine repair meeting
At this second meeting we take a detailed look at any necessary repairs, e.g. which components need to be replaced, etc.

11.45 a.m.
Lunch break

12.30 p.m.
Plant inspection: The equipment in the plant is checked for leaks and to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

5.45 p.m.
Handover to the night shift

What are the competencies required for this job?

You need to understand large-scale plants and be interested in complex tasks and able to cope with stress. Team spirit and a flair for working with other people are also important, for example, when preparing shift rosters.


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