Matthias B. 
Maintenance & Continuous Improvement Projects, PVB Film

Qualification: Project engineer, plant technology

Matthias B. leads maintenance, process improvement and investment projects in the Maintenance & CIP department. His job also involves process optimisation and supporting the introduction of new processes.


»What I like about my job at Kuraray is that there are so many varied and interesting tasks and challenges. I lead projects to simplify and improve workflows and production processes, which means I have to work closely with many different departments at my site. It is important to start by getting a precise overview of the many different requirements and then realise them step by step through the project.«

That is what a typical day looks like for me: 

9 a.m.
I interview production workers to familiarise myself with their workflows and identify project requirements and expectations. Then I consult other departments affected by the project (e.g. Quality Control).

11 a.m.
I combine the findings in requirements profiles / specifications.

12 p.m.
Lunch break

1 p.m.
I hold an occupational safety training session for production employees working on Line 7 and make a record of this.

2 p.m. 
Time for further documentation, for example of CE declarations of conformity. That means documenting CE marks which show that e.g. machinery meets EU health and safety regulations.

3 p.m.
I call various suppliers, clarify details of offers and discuss modifications to them.

4 p.m. 
I phone colleagues in Frankfurt to discuss cross-site projects such as the introduction of maintenance planning software.

5 p.m. 
The working day ends

What are the competencies required for this job?

In addition to experience of working on projects and a knowledge of occupational safety, environmental safety and quality management, my job requires a good eye for innovations and optimisation.


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