Environmental protection & safety

Growth and responsibility go hand in hand at Kuraray. We develop products and technologies that improve the quality of life and help find solutions to the global challenges of our times. As a chemical company, we are committed to the principles of Responsible Care and aware of our responsibility for future generations. That includes the safety of our employees, avoiding the environmentally harmful consequences of industrial production, reducing energy consumption at our facilities and developing new products and technologies that protect the environment.

Since January 2020, Kuraray is part of the Rhine-Main Energy Efficiency Network and has been awarded the AGEEN quality seal for its commitment.

  1. Environmental protection and safety have top priority for our company.
  2. We strive for a lasting improvement in environmental protection.
  3. We develop products and technologies that help improve the environment.

Recent Press Releases

04/26/2023 | Press Releases

Renewable energy and renewable carbon for a sustainable future: Kuraray joins the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI)

Kuraray is networking with many other companies in the Renewable Carbon Initiative to support the transition in organic chemistry products from…

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04/14/2023 | Product News

Kuraray showcases bio-circular EVAL™ EVOH as well as global innovation initiative at Interpack

Bio-based and bio-circular EVOH resin EVAL™ offers excellent barrier performance

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03/26/2023 | Product News

Kuraray Develops High-Barrier, Recyclable Resin for Paper Coating

Paper-based PLANTIC™ EP resin-coated pouch earns prestigious recycling certification from Western Michigan University.

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01/31/2023 | Press Releases

Kuraray performs LCAs to make the sustainability of its products more transparent

Independent Life Cycle Assessments for Kuraray Poval™, PVB, PVB film and SentryGlas®.

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10/11/2022 | Product News

K 2022: Kuraray Drives Circular Economy with PLANTIC™ Biopolymer

Hattersheim/Frankfurt am Main, October 11, 2022. For Kuraray, the globally active specialty chemicals company headquartered in Japan, the focus at K…

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08/15/2022 | Press Releases

New possibilities through innovation and sustainability define Kuraray's appearance at K2022

Sustainable Bio-Circular EVAL™ and GENESTAR™-composites for hydrogen tanks

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04/05/2022 | Environmental Protection

Keeping a look out for Mother Nature

Living in harmony with nature is essential, as urbanization encroaches closer to established wildlife habitats and flightpaths.

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03/17/2022 | Press Releases

90 percent recycling rate by 2030: Kuraray joins 4evergreen alliance for innovative circular concepts for fibre-based packaging

The 4evergreen alliance aims to raise the recycling rate of fibre-based packaging in Europe to 90 percent by 2030. As a new member of this alliance,…

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03/11/2022 | Press Releases

Transition to a CO2-neutral site:100% of electricity at Kuraray's site in Troisdorf is sourced from renewables

A contractual commitment to supply 100% green energy from renewable resources to Kuraray's site in Troisdorf, Germany, has earned the environmentally…

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08/24/2021 | Product News

Edible coatings for fruit to reduce wastage and increase sustainability: Liquidseal keeps fruit fresh for twice as long – with the help of Kuraray Poval.

Environmentally friendly coatings from Liquidseal with high-quality polyvinyl alcohols from Kuraray keep fruit and vegetables fresh for far longer –…

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