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In the context of sustainability, the greatest challenges in product development include recyclability and the circular economy. In packaging, for instance, recyclability, compostability and biodegradability are becoming ever more important. At Kuraray, we use all our expertise to offer innovative, cutting-edge products that meet these demands. For this, we use renewable raw materials and develop solutions for sustainable packaging. Additionally, we are actively engaged in developing new battery materials and activated carbon raw materials that contribute to global environmental protection.

We use a Portfolio Sustainability Assessment (PSA) to evaluate how our products contribute to sustainability. Based on the results, we implement appropriate measures. We are also working on making our purchasing and supply chain management more sustainable. This includes our corporate responsibility for environmental protect and respecting human rights, as well as the obligations defined in the German Supply Chain Act.

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Lighthouse projects and inititiatives

SentryGlas® – the top interlayer product

Strong, safe – and sustainable!

Architects and planners greatly appreciate SentryGlas®: this high-end product enables them to realize glazing projects where strength, safety and good looks are equally important. SentryGlas® is a strong interlayer in laminated safety glass and is distinguished by its very high residual load-bearing capacity. Even if both glass panels break, the construction remains stable thanks to the rigid interlayer. This is no surprise because SentryGlas® was originally developed to withstand the extreme stresses of a hurricane.

Today, SentryGlas® is used in the spectacular Skywalk at the Grand Canyon in the USA, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Shanghai Tower – in other words, wherever there are particularly high demands on glazing. SentryGlas is a hundred times stiffer and five times stronger than conventional composite interlayers. 

Skyscraper with glass façade and balustrade

As well as enhancing safety, this exceptional properties enable much thinner constructions and thus help save considerable amounts of CO2 in energy-intensive glass production.

EVAL™ biocircular barrier resin

Highly functional and recyclable

Kuraray's high-barrier copolymer resin EVAL™ EVOH acts as an excellent gas barrier for film packaging of perishable foodstuffs. It also serves as an aroma preservative and an efficient barrier against organic solvents or potential contaminants that might be present in food cartons made of recycled corrugated board or post-consumer recycled plastics.

In addition to its superior functionality, the product helps to reduce environmental impact in several ways: Since only a thin layer of EVAL™ EVOH is required, it is easy to design packaging that uses fewer resources and weighs much less without losing its protective function. Multi-layer structures containing an EVAL™ EVOH layer can also be designed to be fully recyclable. At the end of their life cycle, they do not negatively impact recycling streams – assuming there is a waste collection and sorting system in place. 

International Sustainability & Carbon Certification

EVAL Europe, a Kuraray subsidiary in Antwerp, Belgium, has recently received ISCC-PLUS certification, enabling the market introduction of EVOH from renewable resources (biocircular EVOH).


Bio-based barrier layer for paper packaging

Sustainable packaging is a trend that is in everyone's interest: legislators and consumers alike are driving the topic forward, as are manufacturers and processors. The packaging market is currently undergoing rapid change. The ultimate goal is to achieve a circular packaging economy.

Kuraray's PLANTIC™ barrier material provides an innovative solution. It enables completely bio-based packaging as well as repulpable and compostable paper packaging. PLANTIC™ was developed in collaboration with scientists, especially to protect dry foods like pasta, baked goods, coffee and ready meals and extend their shelf life. The bio-polymer forms a film of thermoplastic starch with a high gas barrier effect, so the packaging preserves the aroma of the contents and effectively keeps out oxygen.

Paper packaging of coffee beans

Aside from its exceptional functionality and versatility, PLANTIC™ offers unbeatable ecological advantages. PLANTIC™ is made from 80 percent renewable raw materials and is also suitable for industrial and home composting.

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