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PLANET – We produce sustainably and safely for people and the environment

In Europe, both society and legislation have a strong emphasis on Sustainability. As well as meeting these expectations, Kuraray Europe GmbH wants to be a pioneer. Our primary goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our production. In the longer term, we are working towards storing unavoidable CO2 and reusing it as a raw material.

We are also focusing on saving energy and switching to renewable energies, which we want to achieve as soon as possible. Additionally, we are prioritizing topics such as protecting water resources, water and air purification through filtration, and avoiding waste. 

We work closely with our customers and partners across all areas, in the firm belief that sustainability can only be achieved together.

Lighthouse projects and inititiatives

Clustering in Frankfurt-Höchst

Better together

Kuraray Europe GmbH is one of many companies in the chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries located in the Frankfurt-Höchst Industrial Park. They are all dedicated to developing innovative solutions that save energy and raw materials, replace fossil fuels and make greater use of CO2 as a resource. Together with the site operator Infraserv Höchst, 14 companies, including Kuraray, Sanofi, Bayer and Celanese, have joined forces to pursue this path together. 

Process4Sustainability: Cluster for a climate-neutral process industry in Hesse“ is a project funded by the state of Hesse and the European Union. It aims to accelerate innovation processes and achieve climate neutrality at the Frankfurt-Höchst Industrial Park by 2045.


Kuraray Europe GmbH, which operates two large production lines at the site, is a founding partner and active member of this initiative. With measures such as intelligent process control and heat integration in solvent recovery, Kuraray has already been able to significantly increase the efficiency of its production lines, especially in the area of energy consumption.

Joining the Renewable Carbon Initiative

Circular economy for plastics

Creating closed raw material cycles, particularly for plastics, is a challenge that can only be overcome together. As part of its sustainability strategy, Kuraray has therefore actively participated in the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) since 2023. The RCI is a network of companies that aims to promote the transition from fossil-based to sustainably sourced carbon in organic chemical products.

By 2050, all fossil carbon should be replaced by carbon from alternative sources. Key strategies to achieve this include the production of plastics from biomass, the consistent development and expansion of plastic recycling streams, and the direct use of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or from emission sources such as power plants.

Renewable Carbon Initiative

Heat recovery in Troisdorf

Good for the environment – and for the balance sheet!

Sustainable technology not only benefits the environment. It can also present significant cost advantages. Our site in Troisdorf is a good example of this. Here we produce films for laminated safety glass for the construction and automotive industries. The extrusion process requires repeated, energy-intensive heating and cooling. To address this, five heat pumps have been installed since late 2023. They are used for both heating and cooling. Natural gas-fired heating is now only needed to "jump start" the production line during the start-up process.

The new technology has reduced CO2 emissions by more than 50 percent, which is equivalent to around 1,000 tons of CO2 per year. This significantly reduces the CO2 footprint of the plants. At the same time, it results in energy cost savings in the high six-figure range. 


Cherry blossoms in front of production building

This is just one example of the measures to improve the site's energy efficiency, including plans to generate our own electricity using photovoltaic systems by 2025.

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