Sustainable materials for a greener future

Consumer expectations regarding resource maximization and waste are changing and so are the expectations towards the industry. Kuraray offers a variety of innovative solutions that help customers develop more environmentally friendly products.

Here you can find an overview of our unique products that combine performance and sustainability such as the bio-barrier material PLANTIC™, the bio-rubber SEPTON™ BIO-series or MonoSol’s water-soluble film. This material dissolves completely upon contact with water and is biodegradable making it a promising replacement for many kinds of single-use plastics. Or discover our latest development: EVAL™-Types with a particularly low ethylene content enabling the development of recyclable multilayer structures.

Thermoplastic Elastomers

SEPTON™ BIO-series

Kuraray developed a new family of hydrogenated styrene farnesene block copolymers (HSFC) called SEPTON™ BIO-series. SEPTON™ BIO-series expands our range of TPE materials with a product based on natural and renewable raw materials. As a leading supplier of TPE’s, Kuraray is providing an answer to the growing need for more sustainable solutions.

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Kuraray’s PLANTIC™ HP monolayer is a home compostable high barrier biomaterial, which raw materials are renewable and do not compete with normal  food sources.


PLANTIC™ R high barrier material is manufactured using modern technology where thin layers of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) are laminated to a core layer of renewably sourced, high barrier PLANTIC™ HP sheet.

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Polyvinyl Alcohols


ELVANOL™ is a recent addition to Kuraray’s polyvinyl alcohol product portfolio. Its unique particle morphology, coming from a special production process expands its range of applications.  


EXCEVAL™ is the trade mark of Kuraray’s hydrophobically modified polyvinyl alcohol especially designed for the requirements of “high water resistance”.


KURARAY POVAL™ is the brand name of Kuraray’s globally produced polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH). KURARAY POVAL™ features an extremely wide-ranging field of applications.


MOWIFLEX™ is Kuraray’s polyvinyl alcohol-based polymer compound for thermoplastic processing. MOWIFLEX™ is a nontoxic, biodegradable, water-soluble resin that forms clear, glossy films. It has high tensile strength and can be processed using conventional thermoplastic technologies (blown film extrusion, injection molding, 3D printing, etc.).

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Man-made Leather

Hook and Loop Fasteners


Under the name MOLDMAGIC™ Kuraray is currently developing hook fasteners made of a plant-based polymer that are biodegradable in soil. Main areas of application will be agricultural and horticultural bundling equipment.


MAGICTAPE™ hook and loop fasteners are made of recyclable*) material. Production generates 30% less CO2 emissions than conventional hook and loop fasteners**).
MAGICTAPE™ is 100% polyester, produced using a solvent-free process. Its unique construction makes it water-, weather- and heat-resistant. Solvent-free MAGICTAPE™ products meet the FMVSS 302 standard for automotive-grade flame resistance. They also have excellent lightfastness, so the original colors are preserved without fading and white is exposed to less yellowing.

* material recycling, not chemical recycling
** compared to Kuraray’s conventional process

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