People at Kuraray

Who can provide a better insight into working at Kuraray than our employees? We therefore give them space to outline their work here.

Take a look at what our employees do and read their personal stories and experience.


Peter Fries

Peter Fries / Process Development PVB Film in Troisdorf

His job requires him to weigh up projects thoroughly and in detail – and plastics engineer Peter Fries does not want to do things by halves in his free time either. He has been involved in humanitarian projects in Africa since 2010…


Juliane Löbig

Juliane Löbig / Head of Finance & Accounting

Since March of last year, Juliane Löbig has been the Head of Finance & Accounting at Kuraray Europe GmbH – a new, exciting challenge for the 40-year-old Business Management graduate. We spoke with her about the not-so-straightforward career path she took, the many obstacles she overcame and the enthusiasm for her work…