Barrier materials

Barrier materials are impermeable structures that prevent the inflow or outflow of gases, flavor and aromas and keep out impurities and potential contaminants. These can be used in many applications: they keep fuel vapors from escaping from the gas tank, they protect food from oxygen and impurities so it avoids oxidation and keeps its freshness for longer. Kuraray markets barrier materials for a wide range of processing technologies: co-extrusion, co-injection, lamination and coating using materials in the form of pellets, films and aqueous solution. With regard to sustainability, we develop new products to assist in optimization of the final product by increasing its shelf-life or reducing the amount of material required for a given purpose. In addition, our portfolio includes biodegradable and compostable products. 

  • Food packaging
  • Coatings for lids
  • Packaging for medical and pharmaceutical products
  • Packaging for cosmetics and personal hygiene products
  • Fuel Tank systems
  • Agricultural films
  • Building and Construction materials
  • Paper industry




EXCEVAL™ copolymer is easy to apply as an aqueous coating and is an excellent barrier to oxygen, grease and oil. EXCEVALTM is biodegradable and free from chlorine and solvents. 

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PLANTIC™ thermoplastic starch comprises more than 80% renewable raw materials, is biodegradable, decomposes in water and is certified as home and industrial compostable. Laminated with other compostable materials, PLANTIC™ bio-polymer can be used to produce compostable packaging with excellent gas barrier properties.

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