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Producers of pharmaceuticals, active ingredients, auxiliaries and medical products are required by law to meet extremely demanding and constantly rising hygiene standards. Decades of experience coupled with extensive technical and chemical expertise mean that we can offer our customers reliable, top-quality products and competent advice.

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Auxiliaries for drugs

Kuraray offers a wide range of customized fine chemicals for the production of pharmaceuticals. Examples are isoprene derivatives and the polyvinyl alcohol KURARAY POVAL™ for tablet coatings. 

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Personal care and hygiene products

Protection and comfort are important for successful hygiene and personal care products. That applies to disposable hygiene products and wet wipes as well as to diapers and incontinence products. SEPTON™ thermoplastic elastomer gives such products the necessary flexibility and elasticity. It is compatible with both polar and non-polar materials, allowing for a broad range of flexibility in design.

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Other products for medical applications

We supply the FELIBENDY™ and KURAFLEX™ nonwoven brands of nonwoven fabrics for sterile dressings, bandages, masks and operating caps.  SEPTON™ and HYBRAR™ thermoplastic elastomers make medical films, adhesives and hoses transparent, flexible and extremely robust. HYBRAR™ is particularly suitable as an environmentally friendly substitute for PVC in such products.

Kuraray Vectran™ fiber for medical applications is characterized by exceptional tensile properties, bending tolerance and minimal creep. 
Kuraray America Inc Vectran is ISO 13485:2016 Certified.

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