Our values and principles

Kuraray is focused on growth. As a speciality chemicals company with operations around the world, we aim to provide unique, innovative products that help find solutions to global challenges and improve the quality of life. Developing new products and applications and moving into new areas of business have high priority at Kuraray. At the same time, product and plant safety and environmental protection are central to all our operations. Business success is only possible if our company is accepted by society. Kuraray therefore regards itself as part of society and accepts its responsibility for fostering the general well-being of the community.

Our business principles

  1. We will develop and provide products and services, giving full consideration to safety
  2. We will conduct business in a free, fair and transparent manner
  3. We will maintain good communications and build a sound relationship with society
  4. We will strive to preserve and improve the global environment and to secure safety and health
  5. We will respect intellectual properties including trade secrets and control information properly

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