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Printing inks are genuine all-rounders that have to meet a wide range of quality specifications: they have to bond with the substrate that is being printed and remain bonded to it even under pressure. And of course they should not fade, become discolored or lose their gloss. Other specifications include resistance to abrasion and wiping. Many prints also need to be resistant to chemical reactions, for example, with solvents, grease and acids. Our binders can help make tangible improvements to the quality of printing inks.

A printing process.

Polyester polyols

Looking for a binder for printing inks that meets demanding standards of mechanical and chemical resistance? Kuraray has developed the P series of polyester polyols for such applications. The branched structure of the 3-methyl-1,5pentandiol(MPD) gives our polyester polyols specific features, such as low viscosity at room temperature, which is of interest for printing inks. Our polyester polyols are therefore therefore ideal components for polymer resins for flexo and rotogravure printing.

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