Industrial fibers – Reliable products for high-performance applications

Commercialized by Kuraray, KURALON™ PVOH fiber was the first synthetic fiber made in Japan. High-quality KURALON™ fibers are based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) and have been continually improved and adapted to customers’ requirements over the years. Since the launch of KURALON™, Kuraray has continued to develop unique high-performance fibers and materials. These are used in many industrial applications, ranging from construction and agriculture to automotive, aviation and aerospace. 

  • Industrial applications
  • Farming
  • Cement and concrete reinforcement
  • Plastic reinforcement
  • Functional paper, functional paper fiber
  • Fireproof protective clothing
  • Personal care products
  • Medical products
  • Automotive
  • Electronic devices
  • Clothes (Apparel, textile, yarn)
  • Sports equipment
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Melt-spun Fibers

Kuraray markets a wide range of polymer-based melt-spun fibers such as polyesterEVOH and specialty polyamide.Many different forms and functionalities are available, including Clacarbo™ for safe and comfortable protective workwear and protection against static electricity.

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Nonwoven Fabrics

Kuraray Kuraflex markets nonwoven fabrics, KURAFLEX™ made by spunlace, chemical bonded, steam jetprocesses, and melt blown (MB). FELIBENDY™ is one of the KURAFLEX™ nonwovens produced using the world’s first stream jet process.

VECRUS™ non-wovens have outstanding heat-resistance and low moisture absorbency. Thanks to its low weight, VECRUS™ can be used in the manufacture of heat resistant panels and ultra-lightweight fiber reinforced plastic sheets. Main applications include the electrical and electronics industry.

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Hook and loop fastener tapes in various colors.

Hook and Loop Fasteners

Hook and loop fasteners are versatile, easy to use and almost indestructible. Therefore, they have been used for decades in vehicles, apparel, sports equipment and even the aviation and aerospace sectors.

Kuraray offers a variety of hook and loop fasteners with different shapes. MAGICTAPE™ is a standard hook and loop fastener, while FREEMAGIC™ hook and loop fastener has hooks and loops that are piled alternately on the same surface. Both types are made of 100% polyester without solvent, resulting in flame-retardant, heat-resistant and a certification of Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

As FREEMAGIC™ uses alternating hooks and loops in the same tape a single tape can be fastened to itself at any point. That means less material is required and avoids misplacement during assembly. Made without solvent, FREEMAGIC™ hook and loop fasteners are therefore effective, safe and environmentally friendly.

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