Electrical and electronics industry

The electrical and electronics industry is one of the biggest industrial sectors in the world, with global production worth more than EUR 4,200 billion and it is growing by more than 5% a year. The sector develops and produces products covering the generation, distribution, storage and use of electric power. Products include converters, electrical appliances, components such as switches for control and regulation technology, computers, telecommunications and entertainment electronics. Kuraray supplies many products used in a wide variety of electrical and electronics applications.

An LCD screen.

PVOH film for LCD displays

All LCD displays have polarization filters. Kuraray has many years of expertise in this field. Back in 2005 we developed a revolutionary PVOH film for optical applications. Thanks to KURARAY POVAL™ PVOH film, we are now the world’s biggest supplier of polyvinyl alcohol for this sector. KURARAY POVAL™ is the basis for polarization films used in all common LCD displays, for example, for flat-screen TVs, computers, smartphones and other optical applications.

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Batteries of various sizes.

Battery separators

Almost all battery separators and accumulators need a separator – a material that keeps negative and positive electrodes apart both physically and electrically yet is permeable to ions. If you are looking for reliable battery separators, our PA9T polyamide fibers are just what you need. They are oil-resistant, heat-resistant, and resistant to acids and alkalis. 

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A transformer.

Degreasing of metal parts

Kuraray’s MMB (3-methoxy-3-methyl-1-butanol) is used to degrease metal parts to remove traces of lubricants and coolants. That is important for further processing of electrical components such as switches and transformers.

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Liquid crystal polymer film for 5G circuit boards

Developed using Kuraray’s film forming technology, VECSTAR™ Flexible Copper Clad Laminate is the world’s first liquid crystal polymer (LCP) film. Its high frequency characteristics make it suitable for high-speed circuits and high-frequency electronic devices, and it is used as a substrate material for printed circuit boards needed for 5G. VECSTAR™ is characterized by good processability, heat resistance, dimensional stability and a low dielectric loss factor. Thanks to low water absorption, there are only slight changes in the dielectric properties and dimensions even under humid conditions. 

A roll of white film which is partly wound up. It is placed on some circuit boards.

Cross-section through an optical fiber cable: you can see the insulating layers and the cables protruding.


SEPTON™ Q-Series – for optimal protection of sensitive optical fibers

Fiber optic cables play an important role in the megatrends driving digitalization. Their high data rates allow stable machine-to-machine (M2M) communication for Industry 4.0. In self-driving cars (autonomous driving), they connect sensors and control electronics in real time and in high-speed transmission components they facilitate the transition from LTE to 5G. The high-performance elastomers in the SEPTON™ Q-Series from Kuraray are used in cable casings to improve the protection of sensitive fiber optics because they are far lighter and more robust than TPU and TPC. Thanks to their excellent insulating properties, these elastomers contribute to permanently stable, secure and high-quality data transmission.

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