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Save Food – from field to fork: barriers to prevent food waste

Hattersheim/Düsseldorf, April 2017. Packaging needs special properties to make sure food stays fresh and edible. Kuraray, the world’s leading barrier polymer producer, is a member of the Save Food Initiative and will be exhibiting special barrier plastics such as KURARISTER™, EXCEVAL™ and the new biopolymer PLANTIC™, as well as the barrier EVOH copolymer EVAL™ at interpack 2017 on May 4-10 in Düsseldorf, Germany (OA South/IPP10 and Hall 10, Stand D63). These products are used in a wide range of applications to optimise packaging and reduce both food and packaging waste at all stages from the field to the consumer’s fork. At the same time, EVAL™ ensures food safety by blocking MOSH/MOAH mineral oil and other harmful outside contamination.

Keeping products such as fresh meat, fish, cheese and vegetables fresh reduces food loss and food waste and, at the same time, it is good for both health and cost-efficiency. Kuraray has a wide range of barrier plastics that extend shelf life and keep food fresh and safe from outside contamination at all processing steps from field to fork. As a member of the Save Food initiative, Kuraray is presenting its product portfolio at interpack 2017, the leading international trade show for packaging, processing, distribution and quality assurance, in Düsseldorf, Germany, on May 4-10, 2017. At Stand IPP 10 in the Outdoor Area South, the company’s polymer specialists will be providing information on the biopolymer PLANTIC™, KURARISTER™ high-barrier film, EVAL™ EVOH resins and monolayer film, and water-soluble EVOH for film coating EXCEVAL™. In Hall 10, Stand D63 Kuraray is also presenting EVAL™, focusing on barrier against MOSH/MOAH, and on the easy recycling of multilayer packaging in normal PP recycling streams.

Compostable, sterilisable, and highly moisture-resistant
The compostable biopolymer PLANTIC™, which comprises up to 80 percent renewably-sourced starch, reduces packaging waste and can be used, for example, in packaging for fresh meat and cheese. New PLANTIC™ CF barrier sealant can be laminated to paper to make a completely compostable barrier package.

The transparent, high-barrier film KURARISTER™ retains its high barrier properties during retort treatment. Applications include stand-up pouches for rice, soup and vegetables. New grades CF and CI with moisture barrier offer a transparent alternative to Al foil.

EVAL™ EVOH copolymer is used as a barrier resin for coextrusion or coininjection, or as a monolayer film for lamination. It is used in extremely thin layers as the functional barrier against oxygen and aroma in food packaging, extending shelf life. An EVAL™ layer of just 4 µm also blocks the migration of MOSH/MOAH mineral oils and other outside contamination that can affect food safety. Kuraray will also be explaining how multilayer structures including EVAL™ can be easily recycled in normal Polypropylene recycling streams.

EXCEVAL™ are chlorine-free water soluble Ethylene-modified polyvinyl alcohols used for solution coating. They absorb exceptionally little moisture and therefore provide excellent protection against oxygen and carbon dioxide, even at high humidity. Cereals and frozen meat therefore keep their aroma for longer.

Safe bags for tastier crisps: at interpack 2017 in Düsseldorf, Kuraray is exhibiting packaging with barrier plastics such as EVAL™, EXCEVAL™, KURARISTER™ and PLANTIC™ to protect food better, make sure it stays fresh for longer, and reduce food waste.
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Kuraray offers halogen-free barrier plastics suited to virtually any processing method, from coextrusion to lamination to solution coating.


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