08/26/2011 |

TROSIFOL improves acoustic film furhter: SC+

Decisive plus for greater efficiency and less noise

Sound insulation with TROSIFOL SOUND CONTROL (SC) is now better than ever before. Back at glasstec 2010 in Düsseldorf, the TROSIFOL Division of the Japanese Kuraray Europe GmbH presented a totally newly developed sound protection film, the new “SC+”, which significantly enhances the efficiency of the commercial-scale production of acoustic laminated safety glass (LSG).As recently confirmed by several notified test bodies accredited Europe-wide, laminated safety glass manufactured with SC+ and suitable ISO glazing achieves sound insulation values of over 50 dB, depending on its composition.

The improved efficiency of the new multi-layer TROSIFOL SC+ PVB film will particularly benefit high-performance processers specializing in jumbo widths. TROSIFOL SC+ is a multilayer-film comprising a soft sound reducing core-layer and outer layers based on the well-known TROSIFOL BG-type. Thus the film has been developed specifically for efficient processing and therefore demonstrates its big advantages especially in this field. Combinations with white translucent, coloured or colourless TROSIFOL PVB films are easily possible. The new SC+ film thus extends the existing TROSIFOL sound protection range to include a productivity-boosting variant without compromising on the accustomed outstanding optical properties of clarity, transparency and light stability.

It goes without saying that the outstanding sound insulation values combined with the familiar safety characteristics are retained by the film’s new multi-layer composition. In composition 44.2, laminated safety glass satisfies safety class P2A in conformity with EN 356 and class 1B1 in conformity with EN 12600. Test certificates from MPA Darmstadt can be furnished on request.

These attributes enable glass processers to produce LSG with outstanding acoustic and safety characteristics. In terms of processing, the new film is identical to the proven TROSIFOL BG range of architectural films.

TROSIFOL SC+ is available in a roll width of 3.21 m and roll lengths of 230 and 470 metres as a cooled film. It is 0.76 millimetres thick.


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