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The new BLACK & WHITE colour segment creates lively contrasts in laminated safety glass.

TROSIFOL puts an end to “grey” in the PVB film sector


As 2011 draws to a close, TROSIFOL is launching BLACK & WHITE, a new design-inspiring product line.
This product range of the Kuraray subsidiary is based on two new PVB films, Brilliant Black and Diamond White, in a thickness of 0.76 mm. These are being supplemented by a further three white design films in different shades and with different degrees of opacity. By introducing this new segment, the Troisdorf film specialist is broadening its target group and also appealing to architects, planners and interior designers.
Functionally, the five films are mutually complementary and open up new scope for design. According to the manufacturer, Brilliant Black, displaying total opacity, promises a depth of colour unknown on the market. Even rear light sources are completely obscured. “Such a deep black is absolutely unique in the marketplace,” claims Marketing Manager Steffen Weber. The multi-faceted series of whites is now being supplemented by the newly developed, top-of-the-range Diamond White. Absolute opacity and a highly aesthetic colour impact are the hallmarks of Diamond White.
Specifically for back lighting, there are Shining White with 10 per cent light transmittance and White Translucent with 55 per cent – ideal for a screening effect coupled with translucence. The finely balanced product line is rounded off by Sand White, an elegantly semitransparent colour composition with 70 per cent transmittance and outstanding light scattering, as the manufacturer points out.

TROSIFOL stresses that the new products also come with the familiar and proven features, such as outstanding edge stability, high mechanical strength, exceptional durability and suitability for applications indoors and outdoors.

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