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New buildings take up tradition and also respond to trends reflecting changes in society, people's rising expectations and modern living standards. Trends in contemporary construction and lifestyles can be described by three keywords: striking, flexible, energy-efficient. Kuraray makes sure it keeps up with such trends and its products are therefore used in many areas of the construction industry.

Laminated Safety Glas | Technical fibres | Building materials | Interior design

Laminated Safety Glas

Kuraray’s Trosifol™ business is a leading global specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of PVB and ionoplast interlayers for laminated safety glass applications in the architectural and automotive industries. Our PVB film is marketed as Trosifol® and ionoplast interlayer as SentryGlas®.The Trosifol™ brand is synonymous with high quality and durability. We supply a wide range of products to meet different requirements for safety and security, sound insulation and UV-protection. Trosifol® UltraClear films exhibit the lowest Yellowness Index (YID) in the industry.

Technical fibres

Our KURALON™ and KURALON™ K-II technical fibres are used to reinforce plastics, cement and concrete because of their high tensile strength. High-performance composites (ECC) can also be produced without difficulty with KURALON K-II.

Building materials

Sealants with SEPTON™ elastomers are used for windows and door profiles. They combine high tensile strength and elasticity with extraordinary weather resistance.

KURARAY POVAL™ as a fluid loss additive enables fast and cost-efficient oil well construction. It contributes to cost savings and has shown no retardation effect on the cement setting time. Furthermore KURARAY POVAL is used in joint compounds, plasterboards, tile adhesives and polymeric sand.

A co-extruded EVAL™ layer in or on an underfloor heating pipe blocks oxygen permeation into the circulating water. This significantly reduces corrosion of metal parts in the heating element, substantially prolonging the system’s service life. Using an EVAL™ layer in the construction of a radon membrane improves radon infiltration, when compared to aluminum and single layer structures. Already implemented in Europe, using an EVOH barrier within the membrane improves intrusion greatly.

EVAL™ is also used in Personal and Environmental Protection Applications such as Geomembranes. Using polyethylene’s excellent mechanical properties and barrier to heavy metals, a landfill liner made with EVAL™ can do much more. EVAL™ incorporated into the primary or secondary liner improves barrier against gases, organic solvents, and other volatile organic compounds. As a barrier to organic solvents, like typical components in leachate, EVAL™ can prevent soil and water contamination.

Interior design

EVAL™ film adds stain and odour resistance to wallpaper, providing an easy-to-clean surface for home and public interiors. Additionally, the EVAL™ barrier blocks the release of PVC plasticisers into the living environment

Our innovative micro-patterned film allows the creation of stunning light concepts. By placing the film in front of an LED, a variety of effects can be achieved as the film refracts, reflects, scatters or diffracts the light, depending on the micropattern used.

LED light housings made with GENESTAR™ (PA9T) show limited color change by heat and UV-light during the lifetime of the LED light source.

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