Products for printing inks

Printing inks have to meet a wide range of quality specifications. They have to bond with the substrate that is being printed, and remain bonded to it even under pressure. Moreover, they should not fade, become discoloured or lose their gloss. Prints also have to withstand physical pressure, and may have to be resistant to abrasion or wiping. They also need to be resistant to chemical reactions, for example, with solvents, grease and acids. Our binders can help bring tangible improvements in the quality of printing inks.

Polyvinyl Butyral

Low viscosity in solution, high pigment content, high gloss and improved adhesion - those are four key benefits that make our PVB grades Mowital®  B 16 H and B 20 H indispensable for the production of printing inks. Their low viscosity in solution allows far higher pigment contents, without any increase in the specified viscosity of the ink. During printing, there is no difference in the intensity of the shades produced, even though less ink is used. That is especially beneficial on modern, high-speed printing presses that apply less printing ink than older machines. What’s more, extremely high pigment contents mean that far more intensive shades can be obtained when printing intermediate layers. Mowital/Pioloform are suitable for flexo and special gravure inks, pigment preparations, inkjet inks and thermotransfer inks.

Polyester Polyols

Kuraray markets polyester polyols (P series) as binders for printing inks that have to meet the most demanding standards of mechanical and chemical resistance. The branched structure of the 3-methyl 1,5 pentanediol (MPD) gives Kuraray’s polyester polyols low viscosity, making them extremely suitable as components for polymer resins for flexo and rotogravure printing.

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