Products for the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries

Producers of pharmaceuticals, active ingredients, auxiliaries and other medical products are required by law to meet extremely demanding hygiene standards. Decades of experience coupled with extensive technical and chemical expertise mean that Kuraray can offer reliable, top-quality products and competent advice.

Dental products

Kuraray’s CLEARFIL BOND-SYSTEM F introduced in 1978 started a new era in dentistry, making plastics an aesthetic alternative to amalgam fillings. Since then, Kuraray has launched a constant stream of innovative dental products such as cements, adhesives and composites.

3D cell culture

3D cell culture is accepted as a new dimension of cell culture sector in the biomedical research field. Elplasia™ is a high-quality three-dimensional cell culture plate which is very well engineered to pharmaceutical drug research. A number of microstructures are regularly arrayed on its surface and multiple 3D cellular spheroids are created in a single well with uniformed size, which delivers high reproducibility from well to well and batch to batch.

Auxiliaries for drugs

Kuraray offers a wide range of customised fine chemicals for the production of pharmaceuticals. Our production facilities are GMP-validated and our products include many isoprene derivatives. We also supply the KURARAY POVAL™ (Mowiol) brand of polyvinyl alcohol for tablet coatings.

Pharmaceutical packaging

Packaging protects pharmaceutical products from external influences and ensures they remain effective. Through EVAL®, Kuraray is Europe’s leading producer of ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) copolymers. EVAL has better barrier properties than conventional polymers.

Auxiliaries for x-ray films

Mowital® polyvinyl butyral from Kuraray bonds the various layers in x-ray films and supports the silver crystal structure in the development process.

Other Products for Medical Applications

We supply the Felibendy® and Kuraflex® brands of nonwoven fabrics for sterile bandages, masks and operating caps. Kuraray SEPTON™  and HYBRAR™ enable extremely tough, transparent, flexible performance for medical films, adhesives or tubing. Kuraray HYBRAR™ can replace PVC in these products as a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Personal Care & hygiene products

Protection and comfort are the most important factors to successful personal care products (disposable hygiene materials, adult incontinence products, baby diapers, personal wipes, etc.)
With SEPTON™, flexibility and elasticity of personal care applications are easy to achieve. Moreover, the compatibility of SEPTON™ with both non-polar and polar materials allows for broad design flexibility. 

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